Presentations at ARTIST Roundtable Conference

    Lawrence University, August, 2004


All links are to pdf files.



        Against Fairness

George Cobb



    Assessment in Statistics: A two-edged sword

Peter Holmes

    Assessment is Bloomin' Luverly!

Maureen Morris, Anne Porter, David Griffiths

    Assessment: Viewing through rose coloured glasses?

Anne Porter and David Griffiths

    Statistical Reasoning Assessment: an Analysis of the SRA Instrument

Dirk Tempelaar

    Assessment at a Multi-Campus, Multi-Delivery Institution.

Gary Franchy

    Measurement Essentials for Assessments that Work

Michael Rodriguez

    Overview of ARTIST website and Assessment Builder

Bob delMas



    Classroom Assessment - Linking Teaching to Learning

Roxy Peck

    Anticipating and Addressing Student Misconceptions

Allan Rossman and Beth Chance

    Assessment When Others are Teaching the Same Course

Marjorie Bond

    Common Misperceptions in Probability in Elementary Statistics

Dorothy Anway

    Class Data Collection and Analysis Assessment

Nathan Wetzel

    Assessment Using Written Work

Norean Sharpe



    Using Authentic Assessment to Evaluate Student Learning from Projects

John Holcomb

    Assessment of Using Technology for Teaching Statistics 

Ginger Holmes Rowell

    Statistics Concept Inventory

Teri Reed Rhoads and Teri J. Murphy

    The Use of Writing as Both a Learning and an Assessment Tool

Joy Jordan