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  • First row in data table is assumed to be variable names (use single words, no symbols)
  • Option for CI for difference in proportions appears with 2x2 data 
  • If number of successes equals zero (or failures), relative risk and odds ratio calculations add 0.5 to each cell
  • To give option for Fisher's Exact Test, click here (to remove option, click here)
  • For Dolphin study, click here. For Yawning study, click here. For generic 2x2 table, click here. For Organ Donor Study, click here.
  • In the 2x2 table, can specify a subtraction expression in the failure cells, e.g., 10-3, and applet will compute number of failures.
  • You can type in your own two-way table (use row and column names but no totals) and press Use Table.
  • For the Spanish version, click here