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  • Press the Random sample button until you find a graph that you wish to guess the mean and median of. Can you find a graph that appears "skewed-right" or "skewed-left"? Can you find one with a more even distribution?
  • Check the "Guess" boxes next to "Mean" and "Median."
  • Move the lines to where you think mean and median belong on the distribution.( Note: The mean is red and the median is blue.) Think about whether the mean will be to the left or the right of the median.
  • Now check the "Actual" boxes next to "Mean" and "Median."
  • How close was your guess?
  • Uncheck "Actual" next to "Mean" and "Median" and try again! Try different looking graphs. How close can you get to the actual value? Do you notice a relationship between the shape of the graph and where the mean and median are located?
  • Click on the largest observation and move it to the right. How do the mean and median change?