ISCAM2 Instructor Notes – Updates


·         More applets converted to javascript and instructions/solutions updated, and errata corrected

·         The context of Investigation 2.9 was replaced.  The goals are for the baseline proportions to be small so the difference in the two conditional proportions is difficult (or at least awkward) to interpret.  We also want to make sure there is visible skewness in the relative risk distribution to justify the transformation.  This comparison may be clearest by examining probability plots.  The term “efficacy” was also introduce but could be glossed over quickly.

·         Investigation 3.3 was split into two investigations and the discussion reordered. The first investigation now focuses on motivating the use of the t distribution for both p-value and confidence interval calculations.  The investigation makes heavier use of two applets rather than R or Minitab simulations (though this makes it more difficult to look at probability plots).  The second investigation gives students practice applying the t-procedures to the data and drawing conclusions, and then extending to prediction intervals.

·         Reworked Investigation 1.1 to help streamline the discussion slightly.

·         Added a third classic smoking vs. lung cancer study in Investigation 2.10.

·         A few practice problems were added and a few homework problems (Ch. 2 #86, Ch. 3 #84, Ch. 4 #66)


From Fall 2012