Instructions for Getting R

Go to



For Windows


For MacOS X



Instructions for Getting RStudio

In addition you may want to download R Studio. Follow the download button here:

You want the RStudio Desktop version. Click the image and then press the Download RStudio Desktop button in the Open Source Edition column.  Then select the Installer. 



For R Markdown

Within RStudio, in the lower right window select Packages.  If knitr is listed there, check it. If not, check Install Packages, type in knitr in the Packages line and press Install. Now you can select it. Now you can select File > New > R Markdown to create an R Markdown document or File > Open to open an existing .Rmd file.

Example: To load data and the workspace:


OldFaithful <- read.delim("")






Instructions for Loading ISCAM Workspace in R

1. Make sure R is downloaded to your computer

2. Go to this webpage:


Saving Graphs

You should be able to click on the graph and copy (e.g., ctrl-C on PC which places it on the clipboard, or a snipping tool) and then paste (e.g., ctrl-V) into a word processing file. (See also the options under the Export tab.) It’s easiest if the format of these pictures in Word is “in line with text.”