Last updated April 11

(these errata reflect changes that were not made in the first edition)


p. 65, part (i), m should be M (9/14/05)


p. 66, part (j), m should be M (4/11/06)
p. 66
, box, line 2, m should be M (9/8/05)

p. 70, part (s), need a blank space between < and )? to enter a numerical value (4/11/06)


p. 83, Exercise 11, the text should read "5 of the 15 females died" (10/14)

p. 85,
Exercise 15(a), the end of the first sentence should refer to the "non-smoker group" (9/28)

p. 86,
Exercise 9, extraneous paragraph can be deleted: “Studies have shown…” (4/11/07)


p. 103, line 2 of Investigation 2.1.2, delete extra “of” before “rainfall” (4/11/06)


p. 112, part (o), Minitab comment should refer to logten (no space between log and ten) (4/18)


p. 145, part (k), in the macro, for consistency, use let c6(k1)=mean(c5)-mean(c4)

then in part (m), use let c8=(c6>=15.92)

p. 148,
after (r), the graph can shade to the right of 15.92 instead of to the left of -15.92


p. 235, Summary box, the confidence interval discussion should refer to (1-C) not (1-C)/2  (11/4)

p. 235, Practice Problem 3.3.6(b), use .50 instead of .10 (10/28) (11/4)

p. 321
, Investigation 4.3.5 should refer back to Investigation 4.3.3

p. 325
, part (k), should refer to the Brown study, not the kissing study


p. 380, Example 4.2, in Confidence Intervals section, the S symbols in the confidence interval calculations should be implication symbols


p. 404, Exercise 62, while part (b) can be done with the applet, parts (c) and (d) cannot.  We suggest using a Minitab macro to perform the simulations as in Investigation 4.4.2.  To generate random data from the different distributions, use, for example,

               random 15 c1;                 #where 15 is the sample size, results are stored in C1

and then specify the distribution of choice (and parameter values) in a single subcommand line, e.g.,

      normal 10 5.

uniform 0 50.

expo 25.          (9/4/05)

p. 422
, paragraph after h, line 4: the 1.48 should be 1.59


p. 447, part (a), there should not be a space in the SleepDeprivation.mtw file name (8/22/05)


p. 469, exercise 3, part (d) could refer to this as the randomization distribution instead of the sampling distribution


p. 471, exercise 11 should refer back to exercise 45 (5/31/06)

p. 582, exercise 29, the data file for “ComparingDietsFull.mtw” on the CD does not contain all of the necessary variables to complete Exercise 29.  A newer version of the data file can be download from the ISCAM Data Files page.